Our aim is to provide our clients with high quality services in the banking and finance sector, whether in the field of traditional commercial banking and lending or in relation to more contemporary arrangements and innovative products as well as in terms of structuring of investments.

At the same time, we stay attuned to the rapidly changing market conditions and developments. Our deep understanding of market dynamics coupled with our experience enable us to provide value enhancing services.

G Colocassides & Partners LLC  has represented a number of banking and financial institutions established both in Cyprus and abroad in litigation cases and has advised on numerous occasions on domestic and cross-border loan and security transactions.



Efficient solutions are essential at times of financial trouble, inability to pay debts and corporate failures.

Our approach is to provide realistic, practical and prompt advice and services. Given our long experience in litigation and general consulting on these areas of law and the range of clients we have advised, we are well placed to deliver pragmatic solutions taking into consideration the interests of the parties involved. We work closely with our clients and where needed also with specialists such as accountants and financial advisors in order to provide high quality service.



Commercial law lies at the heart of business activity. Traditional areas of commercial law remain as relevant to businesses as ever but at the same time at this age of innovation new needs arise in relation to business relationships and the protection of commercial rights.

We aim to assist our clients identify and assess potential risks and opportunities in their business ventures and to support them in exploiting their achievements. Taking a proactive approach, we help our clients address issues, avoid foreseeable problems and minimise risks and potential sources of dispute in a timely and efficient manner.




Our firm provides in-depth and high quality services on all aspects of company law. We aim to advise on the best possible solution for each project at hand and thus we endeavour to understand the drivers and our clients’ needs.

Our team is well experienced in corporate and company law with long involvement in the whole range of issues that may arise in this field. We provide prompt advice and value enhancing services based on our deep knowledge and technical understanding taking always into consideration the commercial realities.




An area in which we place particular importance is that of European Union (EU) law.

We have advised clients, including the government or other public sector bodies, on the transposition of EU law into national legislation, propositions for amendments to national legislation and have generally considered issues of EU law in other fields as they may have arisen.

In particular, our firm was mandated to draft the domestic legislation transposing Directive 2004/39/EC on Markets in Financial Instruments (MIFiD) and related implementing directives into Cyprus law.




Our firm has a long experience in advising on M&As and joint ventures. We adopt a proactive approach and seek to obtain a clear understanding of the background and drivers for each transaction in order to provide bespoke business oriented advice.

The members of our team have wide transactional experiences and technical know-how. We have advised on high profile M&A transactions involving local and international clients in different industry sectors. We are well attuned to both the buy-side and the sell-side.




Georghios Colocassides & Parners LLC places great importance in preventive legal preparation and thorough contract drafting as a means of minimising the need for posterior damage-limiting litigation. In cases where litigation is the best option, the firm will pursue it with fervour aiming for the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.

Georghios Colocassides & Parners LLC has been involved in serious litigation cases earning the respect of colleagues and courts alike. Georghios Colocassides has been involved extensively in corporate and finance litigation. Michalis Michael has extensive experience in insurance, corporate, negligence, employment and tort litigation.



Our firm was involved in a number of telecommunication projects including satellite telecommunications, mobile telephony and the GLOBAL positions system (GPS).

We advise companies in the satellite telecommunication business on a wide range of their activities and the structuring and financing of their operations.

Georghios Colocassides served on the advisory committee to the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation; a body established under the Regulation of Electronic Communication and Postal Services Law, Law N. 112(I)/2004 to provide advice and opinion to the Commissioner in the field of electronic communications and postal regulation.



Residency – Migration

We aim to provide our clients with advice and step-by-step guidance regarding applicable criteria and the process for applying for an immigration permit via investment in a house, apartment or other real estate, in a Cyprus Company’s share capital or in units of a Cyprus Alternative Investment Fund.  We can also provide assistance regarding temporary residence and employment permit to employees of existing and new Cyprus – registered companies of foreign interests, for the purposes of employment of third-country nationals at a Startup innovative business as well as for permanent or temporary residency for EU citizens and family members.

We strive to provide high quality services in this field while staying attuned to rapidly changing international developments and corresponding needs of clients who wish to relocate to or invest in Cyprus.



By a combination of a deep knowledge of commercial and contractual law by of our in-house team of lawyers and the utilisation of the expertise of associate lawyers specialising in Shipping and Maritime law in Piraeus and London, we can provide services in the fields of Shipping Litigation and Arbitration, Ship Sale & Purchase, Ship Registration & Ship Finance and Oil Pollution Response.

We appreciate the continued relevance of are consistently subject to frequent amendments and expansions and new sanctions regimes are being added.  The shipping industry’s close affiliation with the energy sector exposes it to a variety of oil, petroleum and gas trade prohibitions and the industry has also been the direct target of specific sanctions imposed in the light of new conflicts.  shipping law in an ever - changing world where disputes and armed conflicts are, unfortunately, still ever - present.  International sanctions regimes. Moreover, the transport of goods by sea is affected by events such as the COVID – 19 pandemic, Brexit etc.  Under such conditions, the provision of high-quality legal services and advice is absolutely essential, and our law firm aims to meet our clients’ corresponding needs and requirements.


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Georghios Colocassides & Partners LLC is a client-oriented Nicosia-based boutique law firm specialising in business and corporate law and associated litigation, delivering high standard practical solutions to the local and international markets. 

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