Our Story

Our firm was established in 1993 when its founder, Georghios Colocassides, left one of the established Cyprus law firms which he had joined as a junior partner in order to set up his own practice. 

Since then, the firm has expanded based on the principles of promptness of service, directness, sincerity and optimisation of procedures.

Our guiding principles

Our firm adheres to the following guiding principles that we consider as the cornerstone of our success:

  • We adhere to a code of the strictest professional ethics, complying with all regulations and directives that are relevant to our business, abiding by the "Know Your Customer" principle in all stages of our work and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • We are dedicated to our client needs, by understanding the clients’ business, responding in a timely and efficient manner to the business demands of our clients and building a relation with each of our clients based on respect, trust and long-term perspective.
  • We employ qualified personnel and focus in building an innovative creative and self-esteemed environment, offering guidance during the first steps, encouraging continuous training, striving for excellence, working as a team and be open to new ideas.


Disruptive technology and digital channels are changing the way we do our business. Our artificial intelligence driven tools are helping us perform certain tasks much more rapidly. Big data and data science and analytics tools are helping us capture and analyse data to make better decisions and much faster.


Our client base consists of both international and local public institutions, business corporations and high net worth individuals. We are servicing clients from all geographic regions including Europe, the USA, Russia and the Middle East.


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Georghios Colocassides & Partners LLC is a client-oriented Nicosia-based boutique law firm specialising in business and corporate law and associated litigation, delivering high standard practical solutions to the local and international markets. 

3, Roupel Str., 1105 Nicosia, CY
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